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Heading 5

Welcome to church online!

Welcome to church this morning! You can move through the service by clicking the links, at your own pace. To make the videos play, click the play button and the 'full screen' button in the bottom right corner.

Thanks for joining us this morning - we pray that God will speak to your hearts and minds as we worship him together.


Sunday 31st MAY

Heading 5


11am till 12pm, 

31st MAY, 2020

Praise and Worship


Communion is an important part of our morning worship service. You can watch the video below to see an explanation of why this important for us, and/or watch the video to the right that leads us through the elements.

You could have some bread or cracker as his body, and a small glass of grapejuice (or similar) for his blood.

A Communion Prayer

Heavenly Father, we thank You for this special time in our faith, a time when we come before You and closely examine ourselves, and in doing so, eating of the bread and drink of the cup.


We thank You because as we carefully reflect upon ourselves, we know that we are unworthy of this, yet You love us enough to allow us to eat the bread which represents Your body and to drink the wine which represents Your blood, Amen.

1 Corinthians 11:28


At Rosedale we believe that giving from our abundance, but also from our hearts, is an act of worship and thankfulness to God.


Whether you are a member of our church, or are visiting, and would like to offer a gift through our church you can do so with online banking or automatic payment. Please contact us here to have this setup through our administrator, using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

In the future we are planning to have a digital format to make this even easier for you. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you through these gifts in advancing God's mission both through our church community and our national and international missionary partners.

Kids Teaching

Adult Teaching

Previous Teaching


11am till 12pm, 

31st May, 2020

Here's an opportunity for you to connect live online with people - we'll be connecting face to face, talking about the teaching above and praying together.

Click the button to join the ZOOM call and follow the steps. Use the password sent to you from our Office. If you haven't got that and would like the password resent, contact us with the form below.